Monday, May 28, 2012

Smock this way.....

That's the title for my newest class I am working on.  In February, I was going to do some cooking in period clothing (14th century) and I did not want to wear a non period apron.  So I started poking around.  I knew that I had seen the aprons before but did not pay much attention to them, but looking closer I could see the details and the smocking and I decided to make one before the cooking event.  It turned out pretty good (pic to follow later) my girls liked it a lot and asked for one for themselves to wear when they are doing butter making demonstrations so I made them aprons and head wraps too. 

The class is a work in progress right now but I will be teaching it mid-June.  We will be looking at pictures of period smocked aprons, pattern one and practice a simple smocking stitch on scrap fabric.  I first thought of having the class as a complete hands-on class for making a smocked apron but it would take about three hours and I was not sure if many people would be interested in taking such a class.  So instead, it will be a one hour class on how to pattern and make the apron with pictorial examples.  It will be small packet and once it is finished I will post it along with the others on the blog.

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