Friday, June 1, 2012

What lies style

So as I mentioned before I found some interesting information the book Viking Clothing by Thor Ewing By Tempus Publishing Ltd. ISBN 0-7524-3587-6.   Line drawings of skulls found in graves at Birka (Bj. 707 and 946) showed braided bands on the skulls that were believed to be worn as headgear.   You can see that the braids are in two different positions.  I really think the one on the right might have been used as an anchor for other head cloths.  Maybe a scarf or even a short veil.  Or a combination of a several styles to keep warm.  As you need you could just remove or add.  The one of the left reminds me of a woven band that may be used to go over top of a veil or scarf.  And these are not the only braided bands found, apparently they are 8 total mentioned comprising of both these positions on the skull.  I think an upcoming project is going to be a braided band.