Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Medieval Clay Oven

So recently I taught a class, "From Clay to Bread....recreating a period clay oven and using it"  It was great fun.  We talked about clay ovens during the middles ages and the theories on how they were constructed.  Lots of great questions and also input from so many people.  I mixed up some bread dough and let it rise while we were talking about clay ovens.  Once it was ready, I made rolls and put them in the oven.  Right away they started to smell wonderful.  My girls then started to teach a little class on butter making with their wood butter churn.  They were shy with all the people but it worked out well.  After about 15 minutes I opened the oven up.  You could literally the reaction on everyone's face when the wonderful smell hit them.  We then all enjoyed rolls and homemade butter.  A friend of mine was kind enough to bring local honey for everyone to share as well.  Which I think was a nice added touch!  There were 18 people at the class WAY more then I would have imagined.  
Here are some rolls baking.....

I also got a really nice compliment from a woman who took the class, she said that she had traveled the world through the military and baking in the oven and smelling and tasting the rolls reminded her so much of Italy.  It was perfect and spot on.  I thanked her with a big smile. 

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