Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And the walls come crumbling down......

After a few days camping and some serious rainy and questionable weather, the elements started to take a toll on my oven.  Even though it was covered it could not hide from mother nature.

 A huge crack started to form.  I thought well, that is ok, I will just mud it up with clay but that was not going to hold it  The oven was not just cracking the walls were crumbling from the inside due to the crack.  Here is a closer view of the crack...

 I then realized it would not make it home again.  So we fired it up one last time and we made pizza and calzones. If it was going out it needed to go out in style!  So we got the oven screaming hot and the back cracked more we filled her up and let her go.  It only took 10 minutes and the calzones and pizzas were done. A couple even got burned too much on the bottom to eat.

They were so good.  Since the oven was still hot after six calzones, two pizzas and about 9 pepperoni rolls.  We decided to make a chocolate cake.

I took one of my hand thrown period pots I made and put in the batter then added it to the oven.  Silly me thinking the oven was much cooler now and it would need time to cook....the first inch burned to a char but the inside would warm and yummy.  To top it off, my dish survived the head and did not break!

But that is more than I could say for my poor oven.....

As you can see.  Pieces stated to fall out.  Our fun with the oven was done.  There was no fixing it at this time.  I left the camp area because I did not want to see my husband take it apart.  He said he returned it back to the earth.  It's funny how one could become so attached to an inanimate object.  
I have decided to build another in the next couple of weeks.  I have several things to improve upon and change.  
I will however be posting the class I taught to my blog.  I hope it inspires someone else to build an oven as well.

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