Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little advice from the down under

Work has been slow on the cauls. I have been using millinery wire and buckram as the base materials for them. It seems to be working out well. Many years ago I spoke with a woman I had met from Australia, who also enjoyed historical hats, about my concerns with using buckram for hats and wearing such hats in the rain. She explained to me that she had been studying the art of millinery for years and she had found that after the wire and buckram form was made and the wool felt was added before adding the outer layer of fabric to add a tight woven layer of silk fabric. She explained the silk would act as a barrier from the rain. I have tired this before but have never worn the hat in the rain. So I think I will try it again with the cauls.

I also have some thoughts on creating a set of tubular cauls with the framing itself out of metal. This will require welding and/or soldiering. Soldiering I can handled, welding on the other hand, I have no idea. I was also thinking of trying out a product I recently saw called "weld it". This is some sort of metal glue that holds as good as a metal. I am curious to see if it really works.

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