Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The vikings are coming!

This last week was a very busy week. I was preparing thank you gifts for friends and ended up making two sets of viking leg wraps, one handsewn ladies linen cap, four birka caps with fur and one Rus viking hat with fur. Unfortunately I did not take pictures of everything because I was so excited to give the hats to them. I have asked my friends to send me pics and will post them as they come. But I do have a picture of a Rus Viking hat that I made for my husband.

The outter part of the hat was made from wool that I washed in the washing machine with warm soapy water and then dried in the dryer. This felted it up just a little. The linning is black linen that was also washed and dried to prevent shrinking. The running stithes are done with a very dark brown wool yarn. The fur came from a hood I found at a second hand store in a bin with hats, which I paid fifty cents for it.

I also made a viking hat for myself this is a four pannel Birka cap with fur.

The cap is made of a cream wool that again was washed and dried. The stitching is done with wool yarn I purchased but is handmade and dyed. The fur was removed from a coat colar.

In this picture you can see the decorative herringbone stitch.....

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