Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lately I have been researching and recreating a lot of hats! One of my recent headdress recreations was a type of horned hennin. I have also heard it referred to as a "cross-tree" hennin but I am still waiting to hear back as to why. There are a couple variations to this headdress but the one I model mine after is the one found on the effigy of Countess Beatrice in Arundel Church. She was the illegitimate daughter of King John I of Portugal and was married to Thomas Fitzalan, the 12th Earl of Arundel. She died in 1439.

This is my version of the headdress. This is a picture before the coral beads were added. I was very pleased how it turned out.

Once all the coral beads are sewn on, I will add another picture. It is very light weight and easy to wear. The main structure is millinery wire and buckram.

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