Friday, August 24, 2012

Playing with dough.....playdough that is

As I was passing through the hall I heard Isabelle say, "Elizabeth, look at my clay oven".  I took a peak in the room and saw she was making a clay oven out of playdough.  I told her when she finished to come and get me so I could see it.  A few minutes later she called me and and said "Here is the door mommy it even has a handle".  She made it to look just like our oven door.  To think, my daughter is building a clay oven, something she learned, a piece of history, really something that changed the way people lived and ate for centuries and she is playing with the concept right now.  I just got called for the finished project, she was so excited.  She opened the door and jumped up and down and said, "I even put a little fire in there".  That is really awesome! I will post some pics later.

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