Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going Viking....

Vikings have invaded my home again.  In the previous couple of weeks I have been working on a three panel apron dress.  I have never made a three panel before but know the do exist.  So, not that this was a challenge, because I have made several four panel dresses but it was something new and different which is always a good thing.  I really like the color of the wool and it was soft to the hand and light enough to layer. 

The stitching came out nice and neat.  And the gores and seams I used a simple running stitch and a herringbone stitch along the top.  

 The only's a little too big!  And I don't mean the stitches.  The dress needs to be taken in two or three inches so I will be taking out the top stitching and the seam stitching and taking it in the back and from seams, then re-stitching.  Good thing I am somewhat fast with hand stitches (simple stitches) and I love to hand sew. 

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