Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playing with clay....pottery that is

For more than a year I have been drooling over period pottery, especially cooking pots. During medieval times, pottery was widely used because it was easier to obtain and less expensive then metal. Since our goal to become more "period" with our demonstrations and our appearance, I thought I would look into what is involved making it myself. I contacted a local artist who has a gallery and she said she did private lessons. So I started going twice a week. Through the winter I worked on projects. The first piece I made was a simple handled serving dish then a half thrown and half hand built butter churn. Then I made a cooking pot. All three had broken out bottoms during firing. The bottoms where not compressed enough during the throwing process. I was able to salvage the cooking pot and add in a poxy to fill in the broken area. You can not cook in it, but I can us it to hold herbs and such. I found I really enjoy making pottery and my teacher told me I must have been a potter in a past life. I could only afford to take the lessons for a few weeks and this is what I produced.

Rams head pitcher glazed with iron oxide. Thrown with a hand built collar and pulled handed.The rams head was built with a pinch pot method. It's funny of the pitcher seemed so big until it was fired.

Storage pots. I plan to make bees waxed linen lids for them.

Bowls. The one on the right is actually a lot larger but you can't tell from the picture. I use it to mix bread.

Cooking pot with lid. I hope to make another soon that can be used on a fire.
This is the third piece that I made.

Period pie pan or grate pye dish. I would like to make a couple more of these as well.

Small cups for my daughters. These are a little out of turn.
I seem to be able to throw bigger pieces easier.

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