Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Power on her head"

The other day I went to a store run by an Amish family. They sell dry goods and cheese, eggs and fabric and sewing items. I also purchase canning supplies there as well. By the counter I found a box full of little leaflets say Free to Take. I was curious so I started looking through them and I found one with the title "The Veiling, a symbol of the Divine Order". I picked it up and asked if it was OK if I take it and they told me yes they are for everyone. As I got to the car I quickly looked through it and notice this...."A veiled woman has power on her head. Power means "privilege, freedom, delegated influence and authority." I find this statement fascinating and really feel that one key to understanding the history of some of the headdress worn in the Middle Ages might be found in the culture of Amish women. Many sects of the Amish religion date back as far as the late 14Th and 15Th century. The booklet is twenty-three pages and look forward to reading it this weekend.

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  1. "power on her head" -- with the keys to the household at her waist, the married woman has that power, indeed. What an apt phrase. Thank you for sharing it with us, Your Grace.